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What is smart home?

“Integration” is an important concept in a smart home. LINKO adopts top-graded automation systems Crestron and Control4 to connect the home appliances and different smart systems, and then centralizes the control on a smart device. In a smart home, you can do all the things by a tap, such as remote control, scheduling and real-time monitoring.

In other words, you can adjust the lighting and climate, turn on a home theatre and monitor your home with a mobile phone. The smart system can even learn your preference and adjust the environment automatically.

Our smart home solutions include 4 main categories, including Automation, Security, Entertainment and Networking. Our professional team designs the networking solution to the needs of the customers and integrates smart home appliances to one centralized system. LINKO strives to bring convenience, security, fun and smart living to our clients by utilizing advanced technology.

What are the benefits of smart living? Why should we build a smart home?

In the modern city, everyone should embrace advanced technology to live smarter and better. Let’s imagine the scenes below:

In the hot summer, turn on the air-con by a tap on the smartphone when you are heading home and enjoy the “cool” house when you get back.

During your holiday, a tap to turn on the home theatre – lights dim and the 5.1.2 sound system is on. What’s next? Time to enjoy the show!

Wi-Fi reached every corner of your home. Our solutions ensure continuous and seamless Wi-Fi signals with high speed.

Energy-saving. Turn off the unnecessary electrical appliances remotely when leaving home or switch to the energy-saving mode to let the climate and lighting adjust by themselves. Track energy usage over time using the mobile app.

Moreover, it is the fact that high technology and smart living help increase the values of premium houses in Hong Kong. Smart home is definitely beneficial for investments in the long-term.

So, why not enjoy the convenience and the joyful moments brought by the smart living?

What kind of people or family should build a smart home?

Everyone should and must build their own smart homes! Our professional team provides one-to-one consultation to understand our client’s personal needs and proposes a tailor-made solution.

Only houses under renovation can build smart home?

We have different smart home solutions for houses under renovation or not under renovation. It is better to contact us when you are planning the renovation so that we can suggest the best solution for you.

Why should you choose LINKO?

One-stop solution to take care of your needs – We customize full solutions and provide high-quality services to fulfil the clients’ needs. You can experience an efficient streamlined service, and save your effort in coordinating multiple suppliers. Our project managers provide pre-sales consultation, follow-up project progress and pay attention to after-sales services, such as user training, technical support and on-site maintenance.

Professional team – We have solid experience in both residential and commercial projects and specific knowledge in various systems and brands. Our professional team is pleased to suggest solutions and provide assistance to our valuable customers all the time.