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Introdution to a Wireless Display Solution – NUMETIS CAST PRO

Speaking of smart office, wireless screen mirror seems to be a must-have item. Wireless display brings convenience and efficiency to us without a doubt, no matter having presentation, business meeting or instant content share. Without any troubles in dealing with wires and adapters, more time can be saved to use wisely and efficiently. Users can share their ideas and content to the screen, engagement level among the users in the meeting would be increased for sure. Presentations, video sharing and even teaching on screen can be more easier with the use of NUMETIS CAST PRO.


You may wonder how this be different from the other wireless displays. Well, each of them have its own uniqueness. In fact, NUMETIS CAST PRO is an enterprise-level, 4K, App-free wireless display solution. 


What is so special about NUMETIS CAST PRO:
  1. Ready to use out of box
    No network setup is needed, user can have screen mirroring once their mobile device is connected to NUMETIS CAST PRO directly. 
  2. Fully Support Native Screen Mirroring including Window 10/8.1, MacOS/iOS, DLAN with or without wired/wireless network or hotspot mode. 
  3. Built-in 2 Wireless Card(Dual Band 5GHz/2.4GHz) to cope with different environment requirements.
  4. Friendly QR code feature to streamline user from download NUMETIS CAST App to have wireless display on the screen (Apps download is only for the 1st time user). 



Advantages about NUMETIS CAST PRO:
  1. Virtual whiteboard and on screen annotation
    The Whiteboard mode is like the chalkboard with pen, eraser, copy, delete, undo and redo features. Users can interact with others anytime by sharing their own content and ideas to the projection wirelessly. Also, the whiteboard notes and content can be saved into JPG/PDF, or even USB flash drive by QR code or email.
  2. Multiple remote desktop control
    For Windows and Mac users, from touch screen up to 4 devices.
  3. Coexist P2P Miracast + AP + Wired network or P2P Miracast + AP + Wireless network
    To make sure that the screen mirroring is stable and reliable.


Know more about NUMETIS CAST PRO:
  1. No need to install any software to display

  2. 4-way wireless display

  3. Visitor display

  4. Wireless display reverse control

  5. QR code for display, short code for display

  6. Scene application

  7. Product specification
Comparison with other brand:
  Crestron AirMedia Polycom Pano NUMETIS CAST PRO
P2P Miracast Windows: required USB Wi-Fi dongle

Android: Not Supported

Not Supported Support Android, Windows 8.1, 10,
Native Screen Mirroring Support AirPlay,

Miracast for Windows requires an additional USB dongle

AirPlay via Bluetooth Support AirPlay, Miracast for Windows and Android
Video, Audio Playback Does not support Android Support AirPlay, Miracast Support AirPlay, Miracast for Windows and Android

NUMETIS CAST apps and client software

Digital Signage feature Yes   Not available in this model
Cloud Management  Yes Yes Not available in this model
1000 M Ethernet PoE Yes Yes No
Whiteboard, Annotation over the share content from Touch Screen Not Available Yes Yes
Call Back desktop control on the connected Touch Screen Not Available   Support Windows, Mac via our client software
Distance (Range)    10 meters 20 meters

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