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Video conference bundle set | Applicable to Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams

The fifth wave of epidemic is right around the corner. A large number of companies launch the “work from home” policy again to prevent coronavirus. When employees only work on office alternately, or only work from home, stable video conference is crucial to enable smooth communication between clients and employees. Bad connection such as cracking noises and blurred display not only costs lots of time to deal with, but also disappoints the clients. Thus, it is of vital importance to install professional video conference system. Our video conference bundle set includes Lumens 4K UHD video soundbar and Barco Clickshare system. Without complicated set-up procedures, one can insert and press the button to start the meeting. The system will automatically sync with audio devices and other appliances in conference room, establishing a conference with stable connection. High applicability to online meeting platform such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams makes it a must-have item for any online conference.

4K UHD video soundbar: premium audio and picture quality

The front lens’ resolution is limited and may not be able to focus on multiple faces. Computer’s microphone is amateur comparing to professional audio products. Other participants can easily miss out the talk. Lumens 4K UHD video soundbar is a perfect solution for the above-mentioned problems. Equipped with auto-framing, the 4K lens can focus on multiple faces within 120°. 5 beamforming microphones automatically suppress environmental noises and amplify human voice. This all-in-one soundbar integrates all function you need to perform effective communication.

Computer audio device 4K UHD video soundbar 
Lens resolution 1080p HD 4K UHD lens with ultra-wide 120° field of view 
Microphone 3 beamforming microphones 5 beamforming microphones with noise suppression
Speaker Dolby Atmos speaker 20W speaker with voice amplification

About Lumens

Founded on 1998 and located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the renowned optical brand Lumens is the expert of image processing, video electronics and optical technology. The company develops a wide range of optical products such as portable document camera and projection engine.

Press ONE button to connect ALL devices in conference room

If the conference room was already equipped with various audio devices, it is time-consuming to connect them individually. Barco Clickshare wireless conference system integrates all devices in ONE button. Simply start the meeting by inserting the button into computer. Then press the button to project the display and connect all appliances simultaneously*. Software installation is not required as well as sophisticated setting steps.

*Only applicable to CX-50 model

About Barco

Rooted in Belgium, Barco is a technology company founded 88 years ago. While radio and television were the first product line, the company now becomes an expert of wireless conference system and distribute products all over the world.

Easy connect: enjoy trouble-free online conference

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