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【Business Solution】Smart Thermal Camera Detection Solution

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, more places have implemented the health check by taking individual temperatures of people. However, manual screening is not efficient enough in a dense crowd. Linko’s latest solution, Smart Thermal Detection Solution, can help an organization screen the temperature of multi-person with high accuracy and efficiency. The provided system can record abnormal temperature information and let the alarm goes off automatically. Continue reading to know more!

Linko_Thermal Detection_Human Temperature


The Five Advantages

The Smart Thermal Detection Solution is suitable for the entrances of all the crowded places, such as airport, station, school, hospital, building and estate.

1. High Accuracy

The error is merely ±0.3°C, which is more accurate than forehead thermometer

2. High Efficiency

Save the queuing time by quick and non-contact temperature detection of multi-person

3. Low Cost

The alarm will go off to remind the staff if the abnormal temperature is detected, which can save the manpower and reduce the risk of cross-infection

4. Strong Adaptability

Apply the system in different places with flexible setting

5. Temperature Record

Record abnormal temperature information and collect those people portrait automatically

Linko_Thermal Detection_Human Temperature


System Diagram

The Smart Thermal Detection Solution does not take much place to install. All we need is a system made up of thermal IP camera, blackbody, NVR recorder, display screen and alarm. When the IP camera detects a person with fever, the alarm will be triggered and the system will take the portrait of the person and record the information.

Linko_Thermal Detection_Human Temperature_DiagramLinko_Thermal Detection_Human Temperature_Diagram

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Facing the epidemic, we hope that we can work together to protect our home and everyone health. If you are interested in the solution, don’t hesitate to contact us or fill the form below to get a quotation!

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