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Control4 Smart Home Package: From $1,250/month

Controlling your home appliances with smart phone or tablet is now available with Control4 Smart Home Package, including lighting and air-conditioner controls. Designed for smart home beginner, our one-stop solution service encompasses from consultation to installation, all in one price. To establish an all-rounded smart home, you can select smart upgrade packs such as AV entertainment, voice control, wireless sensor and curtain control. The package is suitable for 500 sq. feet apartment, solution can be customised for apartment of larger size.

Installment plan: 6/ 12 months, From $1,250/ month.

*Installment plan is applicable to HSBC, Standard Chartered and livi bank credit card as well as Atome.
– Atome is a buy-now-pay-later application.

Smart Upgrade: Live Smart, Play Smart

(A) Entertainment Pack

We all love music. But managing various AV equipments is not easy, especially the controllers. The entertainment pack allows owner to manage all AV devices at ONE controller. Lite and advanced versions are available, depending on the number of devices.

Package details:
Lite ver.($4,790): NEEO Remote Control +EA-1 Entertainment and Automation Controller
Advanced ver.($8,380): NEEO Remote Control +EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller
– The controller could sync with TV, blu-ray DVD player, speaker, Apple TV etc.

(B) Wireless Sensor Pack

Shopping is healing. But when we carry lots of bags, it is difficult to switch on all the lights by our hands. Motion sensor is an excellent solution. All the lighting can be switched on when motion sensor detects movement. It can be placed anywhere and customised scene is also available.

Door/ window sensor is necessity to those who want to protect their children, pets or home security. Any movement detected will be sent to owner’s phone as push notification, allowing the owner to take immediate action if needed.

Package details:
Wireless sensor pack($1,570): NYCE Wireless Ceiling Motion Sensor + NYCE’s wireless Door / Window Contact Sensor

(C) Voice Control Pack

When “Hey Siri” becomes our daily routine, why not apply voice control to all home appliances? Our expert can customise command to control home devices, including lighting, air-con, TV etc. Switching on or off, all in your voice.

Package details:
Voice control pack($4,500): Voice Control Integration + Homekit Homebridge with Driver

(D) Curtain Control Pack

The curtain control pack allows the owner to open/ close all the curtain at one tap. The controls are integrated in the Control4 app so it is applicable even if the owner leaves home.

Package details:
Curtain control pack($3,000): ZigBee IO / Wireless Curtain Control Relay + ZigBee Curtain Motor c/w track within 2.6m + Measurement & Installation
Roller Blind Control Pack($3,300): ZigBee IO / Wireless Curtain Control Relay +ZigBee Roller Blind Motor c/w fabric 2m + Measurement & Installation

Featured Project

Stars by the Harbour【Project Detail】

Package Detail
Selected Brand:
Price Includes:
  • Related control software/hardware supply and install
  • System design and programming
  • 1-Year 4Sight license for out-home controlling
  • 1-Hour end-user training
  • 1-Year standard warranty
Support Systems:
  • iOS & Android apps
  • 1-Year free warranty coverage as below:
    1. Technical support via email or telephone during the office hours
    2. Repairing, replacement or configuration of functional damaged equipment
    3. Up to 3 times on-site support upon request
    4. Including automation system scene modification, but limited to 10% of original
  • Extend warranty after one year for the coverage as below:
    1. Item 1 to 3 in the 1-year standard warranty, excluding the free replacement of equipment
    2. 20% off for the replacement of equipment
  • $1000 for extra 2-hour in-home training

Package pricing is subject to change without notice.

  1. Lighting control: The price includes the control of 4 sets of dimmable light sources and 2 sets of non-dimmable light sources, excluding the circuit installation and the lighting.
  2. Curtain control: The price includes the control of 4 electronic curtains, excluding the electric curtain track and the fabric.
  3. Air-con control: The price includes the control of 3 air conditioners, excluding the air conditioner and the related installation. Technical support could be provided if needed.
  4. AV control: The prices include the control of 4/6 AV appliances, excluding the AV appliances.


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