AVAILABLE NOW Control4 Smart Home Package

Control the home appliances remotely with smart phone or tablet
Brand selected:Control4



Basic equipment

Lite Entertainment Pack1

– Connects 4 AV appliances, including TV, blu-ray DVD player, amplifier, Apple TV, TV box etc.
– Supports Netgear Orbi Voice command
– Selection:
•  Control4 EA-1 POE Entertainment and Automation Controller (No Remote) x 1
•  NETGEAR Orbi Voice Mesh WiFi RBK50V Package (RBR50 + RBS40V Alexa built in)

Special Price: $16,800 (Original Price: $18,000)

Add-on Items
Home Cinema Energy Saving

Air-con Control

Lighting Control (Dimmable) 2 Curtain Control3

Air-con Control4

Starting from $1,865
(Original Price: $2,018)
Starting from $1,562
(Original Price: $1,875)

Starting from $1,600
(Original Price: $1,920)

20%off for selecting all items
Price Includes:

– Accessories like wall keypad
– Design and installation
– Configuration
– Training

Support Systems:

– iOS 及 Android app


– 1-year warranty coverage as below:

    1. Repairing, replacement or configuration of functional damaged equipment
    2. Technical supports via email or telephone during the office hours
    3. Up to 5 times on-site support per year upon request
    4. Including automation system scene modification, but limited to 10% of original

– Extend warranty after one year for the coverage as below:

    1. Item 1 to 3 in the first year of warranty, excluding replacement of equipment
    2. 20% off for the replacement of equipment

– $1000 for extra 2 hour in-home training

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Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.
1. AV control: The price is the control of four AV appliances, excluding the AV appliances.
2. Lighting control: The price is the control of one dimmable light source, excluding the installation of circuit and the lighting.
3. Curtain Control: The price is the control of one curtain, excluding the electric curtain track and the fabric.
4. Air-con Control: The price is the control of one air conditioner, excluding the air conditioner and the related installation. Please request a quote for add-on.


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