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Control the home appliances remotely with smartphone or tablet!

Suitable for: 500 square-foot flat (2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 toilet)

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Customized Faceplate & Keypad Button

Learn more at【Control4 Personalize Your Keypad Brochure】

Smart Upgrade

If you want to discover the perfect intelligent home, upgrade your smart home with an entertainment pack! The pack connects the AV appliances to the smart home system, so you can control more devices on the same interface while we can build a home theatre scene for you.

Linko_Control4 Smart Home Package_2020_Basic AV controlLinko_Control4 Smart Home Package_2020_Advanced AV control
  • Connects up to 4/6 AV appliances (depends on the pack option), including TV, blue-ray DVD player, amplifier, Apple TV and TV box, etc.
  • The main controller would be switched from CA-1 Entertainment and Automation Controller to EA-1/EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller.


NEEO Smart Remote

The entertainment pack includes an NEEO smart remote, a smart universal remote to control nearly everything of your home – TV, speaker, lighting, shading, air-con – you name it! With a modern and touchscreen design, you will definitely enjoy the convenience the NEEO remote brings you. Click to read【Control4 NEEO Smart Remote Unboxing】(Chinese version only)
Control4_NEEO remote_AV control

Featured Project

Stars by the Harbour【Project Detail】

Package Detail
Selected Brand:
Price Includes:
  • Related control software/hardware supply and install
  • System design and programming
  • 1-Year 4Sight license for out-home controlling
  • 1-Hour end-user training
  • 1-Year standard warranty
Support Systems:
  • iOS & Android apps
  • 1-Year free warranty coverage as below:
    1. Technical support via email or telephone during the office hours
    2. Repairing, replacement or configuration of functional damaged equipment
    3. Up to 5 times on-site support upon request
    4. Including automation system scene modification, but limited to 10% of original
  • Extend warranty after one year for the coverage as below:
    1. Item 1 to 3 in the 1-year standard warranty, excluding the free replacement of equipment
    2. 20% off for the replacement of equipment
  • $1000 for extra 2-hour in-home training

Package pricing is subject to change without notice.

  1. Lighting control: The price includes the control of 4 sets of dimmable light sources and 2 sets of non-dimmable light sources, excluding the circuit installation and the lighting.
  2. Curtain control: The price includes the control of 4 electronic curtains, excluding the electric curtain track and the fabric.
  3. Air-con control: The price includes the control of 3 air conditioners, excluding the air conditioner and the related installation. Technical support could be provided if needed.
  4. AV control: The prices include the control of 4/6 AV appliances, excluding the AV appliances.


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