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Experience Control4 Smart Home Package

Too lazy to turn off the lights before bed?
‘Oops! I forgot to turn off the air-con!’
I always mess around with my controllers…

Take control of your mess with smart home! Smart home is still new to Hong Kong people. Most of the Hongkongers may link smart home to Apple Homekit and Google Home when “smart home” crosses their mind. In fact, smart home is a living idea much broader than general perception and is full of possibilities. We are now launching the Control4 Smart Home Package to everyone who wants to step into the new border of lifestyle. By integrating the control of lighting, curtain, air-con and AV system into one interface, you can take control of your lives with remote control app from now on. Keep reading to find out how powerful the Control4 smart home is!

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Control4 Smart Home

Experience the Smart Home at knockdown prices

Get the basic package starting at $28,000 to connect various devices and systems including lighting, shading and air-con! Control4, a leading US brand, is selected to be the integration system for the smart home solution. Apart from switching on/off, you can dim the lighting, adjust the air-con temperature, and even pre-set living scenes in one interface.

Control4_Smart home keypad_Customized


Pre-sets Keep Your Family Comfortable

We customize the pre-set scenes to your needs, such as away-from-home, back-to-home, energy-saving, cinema mode, to name a few. Imagine yourself sitting on the couch, wanting to watch a movie. With Control4 smart home system, you can roll down the curtain, dim the light, turn on the TV and DVD and select the input signal by a simple touch and start your movie in second.

Control4 Home Cinema
Control4 Control


One App for Entire House

Control your home using a wall keypad or touch screen with Contro4. It covers both iOS and Android users with the Control4 app. Your tablet, smart phone and even Apple Watch can be the Control4 interface. But what’s the simplest way to control your home? Your voice. Connecting the Control4 to Alexa or Google Home, begin your day with a few words.

Control4 Mobile Control
Control4 Tablet Control


Leading Smart Home Control US Brand

Control4 may be new to Hongkongers but it has managed more than 370,000 homes worldwide. It is based in the US and offers a personalized and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices. The Control4 operating system now interoperates with approximately 14,000 third-party products, is available in over 100 countries. Control4 leads the home automation industry and wins numerous awards in the smart home scope. As an authorized dealer of Control4, LINKO offers the services at the most favourable price.
Control4_US top smart home brand

LINKO One-Stop Service for Smart Home

Although you can build your Smart Home with the components sold in the market, you need a professional consultant to customize the personal and perfect solution to suit your needs. LNKO’s package provides one-stop service, starting from consultation, quotation, planning, design, site management, installation, training, after-sales services to one-year warranty. LINKO helps you live smarter at ease. In addition, LINKO offers wireless system which only takes a snap to install. You can upgrade your home without renovation.
Control4_Find a dealer

More on the details of  our Control4 Smart Home Package

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