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Firgelli Automations Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet – Build your outdoor private theatre!

4K HD TV, Soundbar, Blu-ray player, speakers…If you are not satisfied with the indoors audio-visual entertainment facilities and would like to enjoy the experience of a private theater with your family outdoors, you should not miss out the outdoor TV lift cabinet introduced by Firgelli Automations! Since outdoor audio-visual facilities have higher requirements for wind and water resistance. The outdoor TV cabinet launched by Firgelli Automations’ outdoor TV lift cabinet can meet the basic protection needs, which also allows users to remotely control lifting of large-screen devices. This outdoor TV lift is going to arrive at Hong Kong in Dec 2021, stay tuned or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this article for more details!

Firgelli Automations 戶外升降電視櫃

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About Firgelli Automations

The world-renowned brand Firgelli Automations was established in 2002. It has developed and provided high-quality, durable, and stable linear actuators. Its diversified application covers TV lifts, home automation equipment, armored vehicles, and even air-brake spoilers for supercars.


Firgelli Automations Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet

Even if you are in the garden, balcony or on the rooftop, a weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet can provide the most comprehensive protection for your indoor TV. Its IP55 protection can prevent dust accumulation and protect against low-pressure water sprays for at least 3 minutes. Additionally, the TV cabinet is suitable for TVs up to 50 inches and is able to lift up to 135 pounds of total weight, accommodating all media equipment, including flat-screen TVs, cable boxes, Blu-ray players at the same time. You can enjoy HD image quality without purchasing expensive TVs specifically for outdoor use.


Firgelli Automations 戶外升降電視櫃

The lift can fully extend within 21 seconds, and a remote control is attached, allowing you to control the device effortlessly, and no more than 5dB of noise will be generated during the whole process.

The outdoor lift TV cabinet can be matched with any decoration, and the modern functional design can withstand strong wind; if you want to change the color of the cabinet, you can use it with Rust-Oleum®AmericanAccents®Stone Spray.

Firgelli Automations 戶外升降電視櫃
Two colors for different styles

Outdoor TV Lift Specifications

  • Cabinet size: (H) 33 inches X (W) 54 inches X (D) 15.25 inches maximum
  • TV size (maximum): (height) 29 inches X (width) 45 inches X (depth) 3.5 inches
  • Modern safety design: prevent fingers from being caught when the TV is raised and lowered, and can withstand strong winds
  • High-grade steel, LLDPE, and aluminum construction of the TV Lift Mechanism
  • Universal mounting for TVs up to 50”
  • Lifts up to 135 lbs in total weight
  • Water-resistant with a temperature range of -40c to 70c degrees
  • Built-in 110V power socket
  • Weight 120 pounds (excluding TV)


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