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Home Entertainment Recommendation 2021: ISEE Home Karaoke System

Karaoke establishments have been re-opened early in April 2021 with the conditions under the “vaccine bubble”, but the following requirements must be met before enjoying Karaoke: Staffs and customers must complete at least one dose of vaccine and present relevant supporting documents; each room can at most accommodating 4 customers, etc. More people are interested in installing a professional home Karaoke system, allowing them to sing at home at any time. Home Karaoke systems come with different price options in the market. How to choose one that suits your needs?


Which system suits you most?

Commercial-used System Karaoke Home System Mini Karaoke Player
Space Requirement Larger in size, size comparable to traditional DVD players Lighter in weight, allowing mix-use of audiovisual devices Small & easy to carry
Song Request System Touch screen with own operating system Smart phones and tablets with own operating system Connect to third-party apps
Song Library Depending on the system update, with more concerns on copyright Supports cloud download – You can continue playing even after offline with more guaranteed audio quality Adding tracks or looking for sound sources by yourself
Price Lower flexibility with whole-set purchase Higher degree of flexibility if the users already have relevant devices Lower with fewer guarantee

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Recommendation: ISEE Home Karaoke

The ISEE home karaoke system automatically updates the song library and system via cloud system, ensuring the latest version and stable system. Different packages are available to your needs.


Main Features:

  1. Diversified song library covering more than 300,000 songs, which supports simultaneous updates of songs and playlists in more than 14 languages every two weeks (including Cantonese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, etc.)
  2. Supports cloud download – you can continue playing selected songs after offline
  3. Freely scan the QR Code on TV for instant connection to the iPhone or Android phone to remotely request songs
  4. Unlimited connection to multiple devices (e.g. mobile phones or tablets) at the same time to order songs
  5. 4K picture quality with 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound



In order to cater to the needs of different users, we also offer different packages, allowing you to sing together with your family and friends at home. For more details, please click the below:

Home Party Essential: Professional Karaoke

Home Party Essential: Professional Karaoke

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Source: ISEE Karaoke

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