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Crestron AirMedia-Wireless Presentation in Smart Office

In an ordinary office, you have to connect HDMI cable from your computer to the presentation screen before starting your conference. In a smart office, there are no more wires since Crestron AirMedia brings you wireless presentation.

Crestron AirMedia is a wireless presentation technology in this era. It is an essential element of creating a convenient, fast and secure smart conference room solution. It is suitable for meeting and presentation. Crestron AirMedia can simply project your computers and smartphone displays on the presentation screen that makes your conference smooth and efficient.

Crestron AirMedia Connection Diagram

AirMedia connection diagram and home page of screen

Key Features of AirMedia:
  1. Flexible spaces – Laptops and smartphones can be projected through a wireless WiFi network. Users are free to sit or stand anywhere in the room under the WiFi network. It makes the discussion more flexible and communicable.
  2. Smooth video projecting – AirMedia can project the device with synchronized sound, picture, and video. Real-time keyboard and mouse tracking are provided to have a smooth conference. Without any delaying, communication would be more effective.
  3. Simple for using and managing – Crestron AirMedia App is provided in all Window, MacOS, Android and IOS devices. Users can project the device’s screen and make changes to the setting through the app.
  4. Secure endpoint – Crestron AirMedia fulfills and corporates with the high standard security protocol, such as 802.1x network access control, Active Directory user authentication, AES-128 content encryption, etc.
Crestron AirMedia

AirMedia is small and can be put under the table to optimise simplicity


Crestron AirMedia is flexible to be applied in various places, including Cafeterias, Huddle spaces, Meeting rooms, Classrooms, and Conference rooms.

It supports all major platforms of mobile devices, including Windows, Android, MacOS, IOS systems. It can seamlessly mirror your screen or share video with different devices.

What’s more, all your software in your devices is supported, which means the user can project and process all the works through AirMedia. For example, you can still use Skype for a video conference on your computer software.

Crestron AirMedia

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