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Samsung Flip Interactive Whiteboard Transforms the Modern Meeting

Whatever your business is, your meeting needs to keep evolving to maintain your competitiveness. While the traditional whiteboard may not be able to satisfy the needs in a modern meeting, you need a Samsung Flip for interactive collaboration. With smooth writing experience, multi-person use function, versatile connectivity and user-friendly design, Samsung Flip is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard that integrates cutting-edge technologies to enhance your team’s creative thinking and collaboration. Regardless of your business industry and meeting needs, the Samsung Flip is perfect for any situation. Continue reading to learn more about the features of Samsung Flip interactive whiteboard!

Samsung Flip Interactive WhiteboardMore than a whiteboard. 
Smartphone or smart TV-Feel and even exceed. 
Start meeting anytime and anywhere.



Fluent and Accurate Writing Experience

Samsung Flip whiteboard adopts InGlass™ technology to ensure real-time feedback and speeds without delay. Feel like using a real pen, the users can enjoy the smooth writing and drawing in a versatile digital format, with a variety of colours, styles and width.

Up to 4 people can write on the interactive whiteboard at the same time, using the dedicated smartpen, fingers or any passive pens. Need to erase a previous note? Simply use a hand swipe motion to clear either a small section or full screen worth of content.




Versatile Connectivity and Synchronization

Samsung Flip supports different connectivity methods, makes dedicated USB, note PC, and tablet and mobile devices ports readily available. Wirelessly import the documents by using the Windows 10 operating system or any other supported devices. Through integrated NFC and screen mirroring technologies, participants can mirror the screens to display the meeting material.

Flip_Versatile Connection

Moreover, The touch out control functionality allows participants to sync their smart devices to the whiteboard for real-time viewing and control, such as opening a file on the desktop or surfing the internet directly.




Flip Presentation

UHD picture quality shows image in details, enhances your presentation with powerful and compelling visuals. Remark or annotate within a variety of content files to engage the audience. Convenient search and preview functionalities with the internal storage help you prepare for the pitch in seconds.

Flip_UHD quality



Your digital secretary 

Meeting notes or detailed recap is essential but troublesome. The Samsung Flip relieves this cumbersome process through easy distribution. Save notes with Flip’s central storage and easily share with your colleagues via email and other digital channels. How to prevent important notes being erased, ruined or lost? Backed by the powerful TIZEN 3.0 operating system, the Flip offers extensive, centralized space to store meeting content in real-time.




Perfect  in Details

Samsung Flip adopts user-friendly design to fit every need and creates the best user experience. For example, using a customized wallpaper for the standby mode or setting up a password to protect the document. 

Embedded sensors automatically activate the Flip display as users approach the screen or pick up the pen. Thanks to the pivot functionality, the UX intuitively adjusts according to the portrait or landscape orientation. 

Moreover, The portable, wheel-base stand whiteboard is especially suitable for open workspace or business with limited collaborative areas since it transforms any space into a meeting room.

Flip_Hall Sensor



To conclude, the Samsung Flip interactive whiteboard outperforms its rivals in the ways of excellent writing experience, versatile connectivity and pioneer design. Integrating a number of functionalities to take care of all the users’ needs and situations, the Samsung Flips is undoubtedly a user-friendly interactive whiteboard to improve your productivity. Intuitive design and operation like using smartphones, even beginners can control and use it without breaking a sweat.

Samsung Flip_WM55HSamsung Flip_WM55H

Create and collaborate in a smarter way with the Samsung Flip whiteboard from now! We can integrate the Samsung Flip into our all-in-one smart office solution for your needs. 

Talk to us for more solution details!

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