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2020 Smart Door Lock Review - Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock 

Being an urbanite living in a hustle and bustle city, we always forget something. Keys — we have no idea where it is, we sometimes forget to bring it out, we also lost it somewhere in the city. Some may say we can hide keys under carpet or purchase keys locator with GPS function, and these methods are just not smart enough in the modern world. What you need is a brand new living style, by changing your old door lock  to a smart door lock.

Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock

Smart door lock or electronic door lock, means you can have keyless and multiple ways to unlock your door. For instance, fingerprints, passwords or smart cards and even some can connect to your security system so as to improve home security. Nowadays, there are plenty of options that we can find. A few criteria should be bear in mind while we are choosing electronic door locks: convenience, security and style, and you just need to discover one that suits you the best. Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock is a fingerprint door lock, aims at a very smooth and convenient unlocking process. With the use of FPC biometric fingerprint touch sensor and ST chip, cultivating a safer home for all of us and creating a brand new living style. 


Major features
1 – Advanced Protection

With advanced protection technology, S51 Smart Door Lock brings us a modern lifestyle. Using Sweden FPC biometric fingerprint sensor, unlocking speed can be fully increased. Also, with the ST chip support from STMicroelectronics, higher levels of efficiency and low power consumption can be performed, targeted at high protection and stability levels. 

Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock

Press to unlock: FPC fingerprints verification smoothen the door-opening process

The perfect unlocking experience: Designated area for fingerprints collection for accuracy and ergonomic design handle for smooth handling

Long lasting power: Only 4 batteries needed for operation, with low-battery alert and external charger for emergency power supply


2 – 4-in-1 keyless entry

S51 Smart Door Lock surely a multifunctional door lock. From 4-in-1 keyless entry, to smart keyboard and voice prompt. Easy to use for the elderly or kids, so as to cater to your needs. 

Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock

4-in-1 entry: FPC fingerprints + password + mechanical key + smart card

Smart keypad with voice prompt: Voice prompt function with simple operation, silent mode also provided for different living styles


3 – Multiple protection

This door lock has multiple and guaranteed protection for your home. Fingerprints and passwords can be a double recognition if high protection mode is activated. Meanwhile, any unusual situation would trigger an emergency alert system. 

Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock

Dissociate handle design: After the door is closed, it will be automatically locked and prevent from violence unlock

Locked-handle design: Avoid theft and mistaken actions done by children and pets


Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door LockAnti-peep design: Type in any number of random digits and still gain access when 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers


Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock

Temporary password: House owners can offer one-time-password for guests in order to prevent password leaking


Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock

Simple lock function: Advanced security and protection


4 – Classic design and durable quality

S51 Smart Door Lock designed with simple and elegant style, and there are two color options: champagne gold and black with scratch-resistant surface

Schneider Electric S51 Smart Door Lock

High level of quality: With IML technology, zinc alloy door handle, 96H anti-corrosion test

C level lock cylinder: 30 minutes lock cylinder anti-drilling, triple security lock and 304 stainless steel box strike


S51 Smart Door Lock gives you a brand new living style, enables more convenient and smart living.


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Source: https://www.se.com/hk/en/

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