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Location: Amber Commercial Building
Client: Mr. Douglas So
Completed: 2017年5月
Project Manager: Alan Chan
Area: 5-6/F for exhibition, 7/F for VIP exhibition. Approximately 9000 sq. ft.

Project Summary

Our client is a collector of Leica camera and the founder of F11 Photographic Museum, he wants to build a private photographic gallery by mingling with smart control elements. Therefore, we created the total automation system in f22 photo space, staff can control lighting, air conditioner, AV equipment and security system by one iPad.

Screen of 5m height is set up in the gallery to enhance the visual effect and overall design. Different visual images or videos with ultra-detailed and vivid color can be projected to fit the exhibition themes.

Besides, POS, EAS and PABX system are installed for their operational use.

  • Automation System – Smart Control of Lighting, Air Con and AV Equipment
  • Digital Display Wall
  • Networking and Structured Cabling Service
  • Security System – IP Camera and Honeywell Security Alarm System
  • Access Control and Intercom System
  • POS and EAS Systems for bookstore
  • PABX System

Solution Highlights

All-In-One Automation System

– The client can adjust and control lighting, climate and AV equipment through smartphone and tablet. Customized modes can be set up to fit different exhibition themes.

– Efficiently control all AV equipment such as projectors, screens, televisions and speakers on the same interface or by voice control using Amazon Echo.

– Different background music can be played in different floor or zones if needed.

– Motion-activated lights in washrooms and locker room save energy consumption.

Digital Display Wall

– Breath-taking visual effects are created by combining 4 projectors to a 5m X 5m screen.

Full House Wi-Fi Networking Solution

– Adequate business-graded Access Points are installed to support multiple Wi-Fi users at the same time without bandwidth congestion.

– Guests can bypass the password to get the Internet access. Setup of Guest Wi-Fi helps to protect client’s network from attack while saving everyone’s time.

24/7 360° Security Monitoring

– IP cameras with night vision capture 1080P HD video 24/7.

– Honeywell theft prevention sensors are installed in all entrances and windows to protect the client’s asset.

– The client can do the central management to all entrances through smartphone and tablet.

– Ring Video Doorbell Pro records 30s video of visitors and sends immediately to smartphone. Receptionists can talk to visitors and open the doors remotely through smartphone or tablet.

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