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Location: Siu Ho Wan in North Lantau
Client: Environmental Protection Department (EPD)
Completed Date: May 2019
Project Manager: Benson Chan
Area: Approximately 1000 sq. ft.

Project Summary

O · PARK1 is the first organic resources recovery centre under Environmental Protection Department.  The centre converts food waste into biogas for electricity generation and provides tour to the public and school students. To serve the major purposes of O · PARK1, an automation system is built to connect all the AV equipment in a multifunction activity room. With the automation system, the client only needs an iPad and one second to switch the room from a meeting room to a visiting room.

The Crestron automation system is adopted to control the lighting, Somfy curtains and Bose speakers, etc. The multifunction activity room has a display wall, composed of 8 projectors, to play educational images and videos. By displaying information on the wall and floor, it creates dynamic experience to impress the visitors.

iPad is the only thing the users need for controlling everying in the room. With Chromecast wireless presentation system, projectors can be connected to laptops wirelessly, and the meeting can be run smoothly.

  • Automation System
  • Wireless Meeting Room System
  • Digital Display Wall

Solution Highlights

All-In-One Automation System

– One tap to switch modes.
– Meeting Mode: The lighting is adjusted, the curtains are rolled down, and the AV equipment are turned on. 3 projectors and screens are ready to be used by using Chromecast wireless presentation system.
– Visit Mode: The lighting is adjusted, the curtains are rolled down, and the 8 projectors are on. Play the videos on iPad and project on wall and floor via Kodi media player.
– Standby Mode: The lighting is on and the curtains are rolled up. The projectors and screens will be in standby mode until next section.

Wireless Meeting Room System

– Google Chromecast allows users to share what’s on their laptop, tablet and smartphone on the presentation screen without cables and it is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, etc.

– Use 3 projectors to provide large screens to participants in the meeting.




Digital Display Wall

– Breath-taking visual effects are created by combining 4 projectors to one great display wall. Kodi media player is used to play educational videos.





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