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Location: K11 Atelier
Client: Regal Union Healthcare Group
Completed: February 2019
Project Manager: Wins Lee
Area: Approximately 4000 sq. ft.

Project Summary

Clinic can be smart! Look at the clinic of Regal Union Healthcare Group situated in K11 Atelier! One interface on iPad can control all the lighting, curtains, projectors, speakers and smart films in the whole area. The client can flexibly control AV systems in different areas, playing the background music simultaneously or separately depending on situations.

Different modes are setup to fit the clinic’s needs and turn it to a completely smart and convenient place. For example, “work mode” to turn on the lighting and background music when employees are back, “projection mode” to dim the lighting, drop down the curtains, projectors and screens, and then connect the computers to projectors and speakers by Crestron AirMedia® Presentation System 200 and Crestron Avia™ 8×6 Digital Signal Processor in a sharing session. There are more preset modes includes “day mode”, “evening mode”, etc., which allow the clinic to utilize the daylight at noon and adjust/turn off some lighting for power saving.

Moreover, our smart systems enhance the efficiency and quality of the meeting rooms. An iPad can control lighting, TVs, speakers, etc. And the AirMedia® Presentation System 200, which supports different systems including Windows, iOS and Android, can let participants quickly display the contents to the 75” Samsung QLED 4K TV.

By separating operating rooms with smart film, users can adjust it to low transparency for privacy during surgeries or to high transparency for enjoying the whole fascinating view of Victoria Harbour. It creates dust-free clean rooms comparing to traditional curtains and enhance hygiene safety. More importantly, smart film is simple to use by an iPad.

In addition to the above smart devices, we also provide security systems and IT Solutions, including basic commercial equipment like CCTVs, face recognition door locks, servers, Firewall, NAS (Network Attached Storage), etc. With smartphones or tablets, management members can supervise the clinic anytime and anywhere without delay. The face recognition door lock is also a safety implementation and a convenient access method.

  • Automation System – Smart control of Lighting, Shading, AV Equipment and Smart Film
  • Security System – IP Camera
  • Access Control System
  • PABX system
  • Networking and Structured Cabling Service
  • IT Solutions – Install and Setup of Servers, Firewall and NAS Storage System
  • Install and System Integration of Other Equipment – Smart Film, Projector, Motorized Projector Screen, 4K TV, Bose Ceiling Loud Speaker and Wireless Microphone

Solution Highlights

All-In-One Automation System

– Remotely control all equipment with a single device.

– Connect all devices together with Crestron 3-Series® Control System and related accessories, allowing clients to control lighting, curtains, AV equipment and smart film with a tablet.

– Set different modes according to different purposes.  For example, a tap to start the “Projection Mode” or “Day Mode”, the lighting is adjusted, and projector is turned on at the same time.

Background Music System

– Flexibly control AV systems in different areas through Crestron Avia™ 8×6 Digital Signal Processor.

– Play the same background music in the meeting rooms and lobby simultaneously or play different ones respectively.

– Able to operate the sound system separately for seminars based on areas, connect speakers to microphones and computers by a tap on iPad.

Smart Meeting Room and Clinic

– Display content with no delay via AirMedia® Presentation System 200, which supports wireless connection with Windows, iOS and Android systems.

– Equipped with professional AV devices like 75” Samsung QLED 4K TV and Bose speakers, showing professional image and enhancing meeting quality.

– Separate operating rooms with smart film.  Low transparency can ensure privacy during surgeries while high transparency can expand the view in the rest of the time.  Smart film not only creates dust-free clean rooms and fascinating view design, but also can be easily controlled with iPad.

24/7 360° Security Monitoring

Duhua HD mini dome IP cameras capture 1080P HD video and support infrared night vision.

– Ensure property safety by supervising the clinic anytime with smartphone or tablet.

Face Recognition Door Lock

Use Face recognition door lock to access the clinic easily without door keys or staff cards.

Comprehensive IT Solutions and Support

– Enjoy fast stable Wi-Fi connection anywhere with R710 Indoor Access Point from top network brand Ruckus, which can afford multiple devices simultaneously.

– Set commercial devices, including servers, Firewall Fortinet FortiGate 201E, etc.

– Save, open or share group files with NAS of Synology which connects all the PCs and mobile devices.

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