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地點: Sai Kung 133 Portofino
System: Control 4、Smart products of other brands
Completed date: 2023年初
Project Manager: Benson Chan
Area: 2240平方呎
Highlights: Extremely large house ref.、TV lifting automation


Project Summary


Designer House Oooolab, a leading design company, recently partnered with Linko Smart to create a new 2,240 square feet flat with advanced smart home technology. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they required a home automation system to manage lighting, curtains, and the TV lifting mechanism, with the integration of Control4 and Apple HomeKit voice control.


The primary challenge was to develop a smart home system that could manage different lighting scenes and automate the curtains to suit the changing requirements throughout the day, with seamless integration with the Control4 system and Apple HomeKit voice control.


Linko Smart started by installing smart lighting using the Control4 system, with the capability to program customized lighting scenes for each space. They incorporated a movie night scene in the living room that dimmed the lights to provide a cinematic atmosphere, and other scenes in different areas of the home.

We also installed smart curtains that could be controlled through the Control4 system and customized using Apple HomeKit voice control, responding automatically to the level of natural light in the room.

133 portofino smart curtain

Linko Smart integrated a smart TV lifting mechanism that enabled the TV to be concealed in a cabinet when not in use, controlled via the Control4 system, with the smart scene that smart home programmer has preset in the button of the panel. By a simple press, the smart TV will then lift down, the room light will dim and the smart TV will turn on automatically when it is lifted down totally.

133 portofino


The smart home installation was a resounding success, and Designer House was delighted with the results. The all-encompassing home automation system designed by Linko Smart, with seamless integration of Control4 and Apple HomeKit voice control, provided unparalleled convenience, enhanced energy efficiency, and added layers of home security.

133 Portofino


Advanced smart home technology has transformed the way we live, and Linko Smart provides a complete and customized solution to meet the requirements of every client. Designer House partnered with Linko Smart to create a cutting-edge smart home that surpassed their expectations, incorporating the Control4 system and Apple HomeKit voice control to provide unmatched convenience and security.


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