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Location: Concerto
Client: Choice Holdings
Completed Date: Feb 2020
Project Manager: Wins Lee
Area: Approximately 1200 sq. ft.

Project Summary

Smart system not only increases operation efficiency of a firm, but also strengths the brand image and impresses the clients. Our client, Choice Holdings, implements the smart automation system in the showroom of their latest property The Concerto, to bring impressive experience to the visitors. The highlight of the project is the automated projector system in the theatre. The guide taps on the tablet and the projector mode starts in a few seconds – the lighting dims, the projector is on and the video is played. The system is a good practice of “Show, don’t tell”: engage the visitors by interesting and high-quality video, and also the smooth introduction flow.

The showroom adopts Crestron automation system to integrate the lighting and AV equipment. Instead of traditional switch and control panel,  the client can now simply control the lighting, background music and microphone with a tablet. Moreover, IP camera and business-graded networking systems are included in our total solution.

  • Crestron Automation System – Smart Control of Lighting and AV Equipment
  • Projector System
  • Background Music System
  • Security System – IP Camera
  • Wi-Fi Networking Solution for Business

Solution Highlights

Automated Projector System

– Integration of projector, speaker and lighting.

– Tap to start the projector mode.

– BENQ WUXGA short throw projector delivers high brightness and vivid displays with pristine DLP technology.

Background Music System

– Connect the audio equipment of the venue by Crestron Digital Signal Processor and Triad Power Amplifier.

– Flexibly control the speaker and sound source in different areas through an iPad.

All-in-One Automation System

– Control the lighting, projector, speaker and microphone through iPad apart from the pre-set projector mode.



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