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Benefits of Smart Office

Boost productivity

Improve collaboration

Attract and retain employees

Optimize office space

Enhance corporate image

Reduce operation cost

Smart Elements

Smart Meeting Room

  • Adopt tablet console Crestron Mercury to provide a remarkable conferencing and collaboration experience, help meetings run smoothly and deliver consistent user experience.
  • Share presentation content to screen and other devices wirelessly and quickly from a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Control AV system, lighting, climate and door access, or start the preset mode with a tablet
  • Find a meeting room or check the schedule by online system or mobile app
  • Automatically ties into Crestron’s cloud-based or on-premises Crestron Fusion® monitoring and management technology
  • Compatible with Alexa for Business, an enterprise-oriented voice assistance to control conference room equipment and system

Interactive Video Conferencing

  • Adopt top-graded video conferencing systems such as Crestron Flex and Polycom
  • Work with various web collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams®, Skype for Business and Zoom Rooms™
  • Share, annotate, revise and create with everyone in a highly interactive format
  • 4K UHD quality brings ultra-detailed pictures and builds up professional image
  • Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master facilitates conversation with exceptional audio quality

Office Automation

  • Control AV system, lighting, climate and door access of the entire office with a tablet
  • User-friendly operating interface to boost up productivity and management effectiveness
  • Manage and monitor office at anywhere
  • Turn off the electronic appliances not in use remotely, or switch to power saving mode to let the appliances turn off automatically by sensors and scheduling
  • Smart system monitors your electronic appliances’ performance and effectiveness to help reducing cost

Customized Modes

Preset modes for different scenarios

A tap to turn on all the appliances you need when work at office

A tap to turn off all the appliances when you leave office

Auto-control the lighting, curtain and air-con by sensor to save energy

A tap to adjust the lighting and turn on the AV equpiment, such as projectors and speakers

Smart system learns your habits and preference, and automatically change the settings to meet the staffs’ desired environment

Background music system

  • Adopt BOSE, the best-in-class audio equipment, to deliver intelligent sound and create the right sort of atmosphere
  • Connect the audio equipment of the whole office, allow separate or multiple simultaneous streams distribution for each zone
  • Play music anywhere through Wi-Fi network by mobile app

More Applicable Systems

Smart Film

– Quality guaranteed PolyvisionTM smart film

– Multiple ways to control transparency, blocking UV light and creating privacy for meeting

– (Display different information, such as time, weather, stock market, by connecting to the Internet)

– Energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Networking System

– Business-graded networking to ensure network speed and stability of the smart system

– Organize and manage wired and wireless networks

– Upgrade the level of network security to keep important information safe

Communication System

– Customized PABX system is essential for your business operation

– Identify the visitor and open the door remotely when connecting door access system to video intercom

– Motion detection of video intercom monitors the front door