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LINKO is now a Control4 Platinum Dealer!

Linko_Control4_Platinum dealer_2021

LINKO strives to provide one-stop and customized smart home solutions and to build warm and comfortable homes to different clients. We are growing and have gained more and more experience in these few years. And we are proud to announce that we become the Control4 Platinum Dealer in 2021, which reflects our service quality and trustworthiness.


Control4 is the top-graded US home automation system. The intuitive control interface and its compatibility with more than 12,000 smart devices make Control4 become one of the popular automation systems in the world. As Conrol4 Platinum Dealer, we have built more than 70 unique and customized Control4 smart homes to our different clients, which the solid experience shows our depth of expertise. Also, our team is full of certified Control4 professionals who work with Control4 every day and have the ability to optimize the Control4 system and create every single dedicated smart home. The long-term partnership we have held with Control4 ensures we have the best and latest knowledge and skills.




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If you are interested in building a smart home, do not hesitate to contact us now! Our experts are pleased to provide high-level support, including consultation, install and maintenance, to our customers.

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