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Airtame 2 Wireless Streaming Solution

Time to upgrade your office to a “wireless” environment with Airtame 2, a wireless presentation system that works. No more wasted time fumbling with cables and adapters. With Airtame 2 plugged into the TV, everyone can wirelessly connect their devices within seconds and present. Different from Crestron AirMedia we have mentioned before, Airtame 2 is easy to use and set up!

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Know more about Airtame 2:

Present Wirelessly

​Share from computers and mobile devices to TVs and projectors wirelessly – supporting full motion video and audio.

Screen Mirroring

Airtame 2 gives you the opportunity to mirror your entire computer screen to a TV or projector in an intelligent way.

  1. ​From any computer

​You don’t need adapters, or anything plugged into your computer, just the Airtame connected to your screen, and the Airtame app on your computer. The whole solution is platform agnostic, meaning it will work just as well on Windows as it will on Mac, Linux or Chromebook operating systems. This is perfect for the typical Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) environments you find in the modern classroom or office.

  1. Single window sharing

Sometimes you only want to share part of your desktop. That’s why we built Single Window Sharing – giving you the power to choose what you want to show on your screen, and what you want to keep concealed.

  1. Present to multiple screens all at once 

You can share your computer screen to multiples TVs or projectors which are equipped with an Airtame. This is great in larger rooms, like auditoriums or classrooms, where it can be hard to keep people engaged. It’s easy and something you could never do well with a cabled solution.



Digital Signal with our Native Apps

Make your screens stand out with our mix of Homescreen integrations. Transform your blank screens into something extraordinary. Use our growing roster of native apps and integrations to present engaging, informative content across your screens.

Remote Management

Manage and monitor all your devices – straight from your desk, across locations and remotely – from Airtame Cloud.



Unrivaled Security

We built Airtame 2 to be secure on your network, as well as in your working environment.

  1. Pin Code connect

Generates a new code on the TV or projector screen every time you want to connect. This optional feature makes connecting to a screen quick, secure and prevents unwanted or accidental streams to the wrong screen.

  1. Supports your enterprise-grade network

Connect Airtame to your WiFi with both username and password.

  1. Web proxy support

Configure Airtame to work with your proxy setup so Airtame can access the internet safely

  1. Admin protection

Airtame’s settings can be locked with a password.

  1. Kensington lock slot

Keep your Airtame physically secured and locked



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