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Location: Star by the Harbour
System: Control 4
Completed Date: July 2020
Project Manager: Benson Chan
Area: Approximately 3200 sq. ft.

Video Display

Project Summary

The project brings an exceptional and intelligent home experience to the client, powered by Control4 smart home system. As one of the top-graded smart home systems, Control4 system operates on an open platform, communicates with more than 10 thousand of devices from over 300 brands. The client can control nearly every smart device and system in the house with intuitive and beautiful interfaces and enjoy a more convenient and fun life.

Control4 coordinates virtually all the lights, curtains, air cons and AV equipment in the client’s home. The client can simply control the entire house by using a Control4 interface—like a touchscreen, or a Neeo handheld remote. The different interfaces are perfectly suitable for different occasions: the Neeo handheld remote while watching TV, the on-wall keypad when running in/out the door, a tablet/smartphone while lying on the bed.

We listen to the client’s needs and create a unique smart home that maximizes comfort and convenience. The smart home fits the client’s lifestyle with complete, brilliant experiences—a press of a button turns off every smart device when leaving home, get back to an automatic well-lit house at the perfect temperature, set the scene with lights that dim as the movie starts.

Furthermore, the project includes networking and video surveillance systems. Netgear Insight Pro networking management platform and Dahua IP cameras are adopted to ensure the network speed, system efficiency and security level.

  • Control4 Automation System – Smart Control of Lighting, Shading, Air Con and AV Equipment
  • Networking and Structured Cabling Service
  • Security System – IP Camera

Solution Highlights

Control4 EA Controller

– The ideal smart home starter system to control all AV devices, lights, curtains and air cons.

– Delivers a beautiful, intuitive and responsive on-screen user interface.

– Enables in-home control from iOS and Android mobile devices with Control4 App license.

Control4 Neeo Remote Controller

– Customizable touchscreen to access the things used most.

– Elegant, comfortable and aluminium-made design.

– Includes only the most important buttons, fast to mute or adjust the volume.

Full House Wi-Fi Networking Solution

– Adopts Netgear NightHawk router and Insight Pro networking management platform to ensure seamless networking.

– Up to 2.3Gpbs speeds with MU-MIMO and Beamforming+ techniques.

– Protects home network from cyber threats with Armor™

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