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Smart Office (old)

With no doubt technology is improving operating efficiency. By simply pressing a button, your lighting, air-con, curtains, music are on. Your office is ready to welcome all the staffs and a working day begins.

Smart Meeting Room

Sometimes connecting a computer to a projector, a mic to a voice call system, dimming the lights or sharing a screen to an off-site partner in tight meeting schedule would probably be a problem to many of you. How if those actions could be done by a touch screen control in a minute? Introducing a Smart Meeting Room solution into your Boardroom is considerable.

  • Crestron Mercury and Crestron RL® 2 help meetings run smoothly and save company operating cost
  • Share content wirelessly and quickly from a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Control AV system, lighting, climate and door access, or start the preset mode with a tablet
  • Find a meeting room or check the schedule by online system or mobile app
  • Automatically ties into Crestron’s cloud-based or on-premises Crestron Fusion® monitoring and management technology
  • Compatible with Alexa for Business, an enterprise-oriented voice assistance to control conference room equipment and system

Interactive Video Conferencing

  • Work with various web collaboration platforms such as Skype for Business
  • Share, annotate, revise and create with everyone in a highly interactive format
  • 4K UHD quality brings ultra-detailed pictures and builds up professional image
  • Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master facilitates video conferencing with high quality sound performance

Office Automation

  • Control AV system, lighting, climate and door access of the entire office with a tablet
  • User-friendly operating interface to boost up working and management productivity
  • Manage and monitor office at anywhere
  • Turn off the electronic appliances not in use remotely, or switch to power saving mode to let the appliances turn off automatically by sensors and scheduling
  • Smart system monitors your electronic appliances’ performance and effectiveness to help reducing cost

Customized Modes

Preset modes for different scenarios

A tap to turn on all the appliances you need when work at office

A tap to turn off all the appliances when you leave office

Auto-control the lighting, curtains and air-con by sensor to save energy

A tap to adjust the lighting and turn on the AV equpiment, such as projectors and speakers

Smart system learns your habits and preference, and automatically change the settings to meet the staffs’ desired environment

Featured Projects

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Regent’s Park