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Cisco WebEx Video Conferencing System

It is a great challenge for companies to let everyone work from home while keeping the work efficiency. With Cisco WebEx, teams can work better together, even remotely. WebEx breaks the physical barrier and is the place to do everything – call, message, meet & interact seamlessly. Continue reading to know more!


Linko_Cisco Webex Video Conferencing


Cisco WebEx – Best-in-class Video Conferencing System

As a worldwide leading brand in IT and networking, Cisco WebEx is an enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, webinars, etc. Years of research and expertise ensure the quality of this system. Below are the major advantages of Cisco WebEx.


Bring everyone together.
Talk face-to-face with anyone wherever you are.
Explore creative ways to collaborate online.



Get started easily Linko_Cisco WebEx_Chat or schedule easily

Build your personal link and let everyone find you easily. Schedule a meeting, then send the invitation and reminder by message or email. Simply join a meeting by clicking or tapping a link. And you can set the chat room to be private or open the chat room to everyone who has the link.



Get on the same page in an interactive way

Linko_Cisco WebEx_Screen SharingShare screen to make your presentation more convincing. And make it more like a live meeting – everyone can share their documents and do remark. Hosts can record and record the meeting for reference or training.


Begin a face-to-face talk at anywhere
Linko_Cisco WebEx_Video meeting by mobile phone

Cisco WebEx supports all the operating systems and devices, such as Window, macOS, Android and iOS. Therefore, it makes video conferencing simple and seamless – you can meet anyone wherever you are.



Create your own space for different conversations

Linko_Cisco WebEx_Video meeting in different scale

Not only video meeting, but you will also have amazing experience in hosting webinars, online learning and remote support. Since you can meet with up to 100000 people, Cisco WebEx can make your webcasting and other large-scale online events successful.


Work with Logitech to upgrade meeting quality

Linko_Logitech_Zone wireless for work

Although Cisco WebEx contains a useful function that helps you mute the background noise, it is not enough for a perfect conversation. Logitech full HD webcam and BlueTooth headset with microphone will be the best combo to enhance your overall experience.


Linko Enterprise Solution
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We now offer special offer for the enterprise solution, including Cisco WebEx license, Logitech Bluetooth headset and webcam. If you are interested in the solution, don’t hesitate to contact us or fill the form below to get a quotation.

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